Hi everyone. So I finally pulled the trigger and purchased my first investment property in Trenton. These homes have been selling like hot cakes. Every home I placed an offer on had multiple other bidders and mainly investors. Trenton is a high cash flow area which is why I bought there. I see a lot of potential there. I got my inspection done, I got an exterminator over. We found so many mouse dropping throughout the home and I got my vacant insurance the same day I closed. Now I have been getting bids from contractors. Since I live 1 hour and 20 minutes from the home I put a lock box on there and when I speak to contractors they can take a look without waiting for me to come down. All of the bids I got so far are from referrals from my realtor, inspector. Some contractors are so busy that they won't be available until next year and then some that gave me bids are available right away which made me skeptical. I won't stop getting bids until I get the right contractor. Some say don't pull permits its not needed while others go the whole nine but they are also warning that they may be delays getting the permits because of covid. How did you find your contractor?