Do you think it’s okay to start a meet up with no experience?

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I want to have some meet ups in my area to build connections with local investors, but I don’t have any experience and don’t have the funds for a deal currently. However I hate to sit around doing nothing other than listening to podcasts and reading while saving. I looked for local meets and didn’t find much, so I figured to start my own, but it feels weird to start a meet up when I have no experience or money ready. I think I’ll still try it because you never know what could happen, that being said what’s the best way to find a few local investors or even agents to invite? I just want to take some action and do something productive to starting my investing journey, thanks guys!

Yes, do it! Nobody cares if you've done 0 deals or 100, they just want to talk REI. Chances are some more experienced investors in your hood will hop in and bring even more value. All upside, 0 downside.

Sure! Great Idea! I will call your meetup 'The Blind Leading The Blind'. No joke! Sorry! That is what always happens with almost every meetup with the exception of the only True Blue Meetup called FIBI (For Investors By Investors).

Don't waste your time unless you want to set up a nice booze bar and members bring over some fun partners.

Don't waste your time with the REI and REIA clubs since the presidents are scandalous scum who are snake oil salesmen selling worthless services for thousands of dollars.

Absolutely do it! While you're working on it, figure out how you can bring value to investors you meet who are doing what you WANT to be doing. Then, figure out how you can bring value to them (drive for dollars, help manage a renovation, possibly intern with them); whatever you can offer so they will mentor you on how to get to where they currently are. Maybe you can JV with them on a deal, they bring the money and you bring the labor.....

I think its a great idea @Tristan Roth .  Good way to meet some likeminded people and talk different strategies.  Start off small and watch it grow once you provide some good content.  Network with some investor friendly local realtors, contractors, attorneys, or accountants.  They can all speak at a monthly meet up for you.  There are tons of people looking to get started investing for their future who may be more comfortable in a smaller setting.   

@Wesley Thompson thanks so much for the insight. I was worried about it because I felt I wasn't providing much value other than organizing the meet up, so im trying to find the best value I could provide to others. I'd love to intern or maybe do some labor for a JV.

@Tristan Roth

Absolutely do it. One way to establish credibility is that each meeting you interview someone with the questions and answers segment at the end. You can bring in different investors, contractors, real estate agents, etc. None of this requires experience but you look like the authority.

Originally posted by @Chase Lowry :

@Jack Orthman Scum? Snake Oil Salesman? Hahahah, you have clearly never gone to a REIA or REI meetup before.

 I was a member of two of the organizations up to 2 years ago. The presidents bring in companies that sell courses and other useless services without vetting or checking on the snake oil salesmen they bring in.

Example. There was a snake oil salesmen selling courses on how to double and triple your rental income, instantly. The course was $995. It came with an audio cd and the manual was written with 3rd grade spelling and grammar. The premise of the entire course was that all a landlord needed to do was to furnish his (or her) rental units and rent them for higher rental rates.

Every time I went to a meeting I personally complained to the president, at the meetings, and I write letters to the corporation president.

@Tristan Roth put a 20 sec elevator pitch together

-Who you are

- What your experience is

-What sector you want to get into Wholesaling, SFH, Multifam, Commercial etc...

-What you're looking for (mentorship, coaching, JV partner etc)

-What you can bring to the table (time, effort, labor)

I think that is a great idea, especially if it is free. Everyone starts somewhere. The fact that you are willing to do something without any experience says a lot.

Where are you located?

@Jack Orthman I understand you had a bad experience but most people having exceedingly good things to say about meet ups and I wouldn’t have people like that there. Furthermore if I paid for something like that it would suck but it still wouldn’t keep me out of real estate and I’d just try to learn what I could from the experience. Thank you for your concern though.

@Wale Lawal It will definitely be free, I don’t personally feel comfortable charging for it, I’m the future if I had more value to provide I’d consider it but I just want to connect with likeminded others. I’m closest to Kansas City Mo

@Wesley Thompson I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to introduce myself to others and usually overthink it. I feel if I just stick to your advice and let people know in general I’m interested in investing and I’m sure the rest will happen naturally, thank you!

Originally posted by @Tristan Roth :

@Jack Orthman I understand you had a bad experience but most people having exceedingly good things to say about meet ups and I wouldn’t have people like that there. Furthermore if I paid for something like that it would suck but it still wouldn’t keep me out of real estate and I’d just try to learn what I could from the experience. Thank you for your concern though.

The problem with meetups is they take a lot of very valuable time and produce very little to zero results. Trust me! I've been to hundreds of them at people's homes, at clubs and many of those so-called seminars like the Trump seminars.

You work all day at a job, go home to freshen up, drive to a meeting and get there around 6 pm and while your waiting for the meeting to start at 7 pm everyone is screaming pure bullsh... over each other. Then, the meeting starts and after squirming in your chair for 1 or 2 hours you would have been much better off staying home, relaxing and reading a book, or organizing your life. Then, you get home some time around 10 pm and wonder why you went to another room filled with wannabe people who want but have little to nor brains or ambitions.

Going to Saturday and Sunday meetings is really a waste of an entire day.

One thing I hate about real estate club meetings is most vendors do much better talking than what they deliver on.

Examples: A vendor gave his sales pitch about how he would finance house flips within 24 hours. I called him several times, gave him my information and he never got back to me. I called several more times and he still did not return my calls.

An escrow company gave their pitch and said they would look to make sure titles were clear, for free, for when anyone wanted to purchase properties at auctions. I called several times and offered to pay for that service. I gave them two addresses and they never got back with me.

Some clown came to Los Angeles from Las Vegas and said he could get anyone houses in Las Vegas for wholesale prices and he had a huge list of them, but this a-ho... said if he showed anyone the houses on his list those people had to make a decision to purchase his houses within minutes because they would not last any longer. Sure!!! Would not be surprised if they were on vacant lots.

Most members at clubs are newbies. So, you can't learn one thing from them. The serious and experienced investors, like myself, won't waste our time. So, what can you get from newbies.

I meet many real estate agents and brokers who are real a-ho...s. They don't know poop from Shinola about how to to math for investing and I love to argue with them about single family investing vs. multi-unit properties and until their face turns red, green and blue.

Too many big talkers at meetings. I met one so-called investor who told me he was doing 20 flips per year. I knew he was full of b.s., but for some weird reason I decided to hound this guy. So, I called him, emailed him, texted him and he eventually admitted that he had some job (can't remember what) that kept him so busy he did not have time to even talk for one minute. My guess is that he never flipped one house and was afraid to talk to me. 

"Sure!!! Here is my business card. Call me and I would love to chat with you and bounce some ideas around."

Meetings sound like a great way to meet what people call 'like-minded', but that is another word I hate with a passion. Especially, when people use the word for their self. I guess that sums up to a group of people who would LIKE TO know what to do, but not one person in the group really knows. 'like-minded' person tells the other 'like-minded' person that they should both try some senseless strategy and everyone can learn by banging their heads on stone walls.

The only thing I like about some meetings is when their is soft drinks, coffee and cookies. I had to 'load-up' with sugar to stay away. NO JOKE!

If you want to learn you need find someone like myself who will sit with you one-on-one, ask you about what you seriously want to do, what you can do and then give you all the tools you need e.g. a business plan, business models and philosophies that help to keep you on a straight path when when you have business problems.

You will never get that around a bunch of Big Mouth Wannabes and real estate brokers who are so ignorant and desperate for business they need to go to club meetings to pick on newbies because they don't have the brains to build a company with investors like myself. NO JOKE!

Meetups at people homes? Boy!!! Do I love them. Hell, yes!!!  But, not the type meetups you're talking about! I've been to them all!

Never pay attention to what I say. I am delirious. I am currently studying for my C-10 Electrician contractor license and this will by my 10th license for a specialty trade. Then, later this evening, I am going to start at auction properties.

Buy a ticket and come to a meetup at my place. Bring some pies. I went to a house party about 12 years ago and it was funny because about the only thing everyone brought was pies. There was about 10 of them on the kitchen counter and the only people who ate pie was my wife and myself.

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