bought a house that was haunted and someone died in! Stinky

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Last year I too bought a home that somebody died in. I found at after closing when I was talking to the neighbors, I have 35 rentals so it seemed a welcome addition to my family of disfunctional homes. They had told me that it was hard to keep tenants there because it was haunted.

I found out that a grand kid had stabbed his grandma 23 times and she layed dead in the house for a couple of weeks. Later he was killed elsewhere up the street.

Anyway, I had another of my tenants call and wanted to move into the house. She had been my tenant for over a year at another property and always seemed sound in mind. I didnt want her to have any preconcieved notions about the house being haunted, so I let her move in.

After a couple of weeks I called to see how everything was going, I asked her if everything was going OK and she said "Yeh but the house is haunted". I said how do you know, did someone tell you that? She said no I came down the stairs one night because there was some knocking in the kitchen and there in the kitchen was an old lady and a boy. Let me tell you every hair on my body was standing on end.

She went onto tell me how if she closes certain doors in the house at night that they will be banging all night. I thought it must be the wind but she said it only happens at night and they learned just to leave the doors open.

She had been my tenant for a long time before this and never had any problems so I believed her. I asked her how she was so comfortable with ghosts, and she told me that she had rented another house where a guy had killed his girlfriend then himself, and she would see them around the basement.

A couple of weeks later I woke up and was watching the news and saw the news reporter at the scene of a homicide. Nothing new, except for the fact that my already haunted property was in the background with police tape around it. I guess a guy got shot outside and ran inside to die. Needless to say the neighbors were not happy with the people who I moved into the house. The girl was OK but her friends had shot the guy. She went to jail and the neighbors threw bricks through the windows and then ransacked the home.

I ended up about $2000 ahead with insurance money. The new tenant that moved in called when he turned on the furnace for the first time and he had been vomiting all morning. I had never turned the furnace on since I bought the home in march. Evidently when grandma died in the basement it was next to the furnace and the smell that the furnace was pumping out was enough to make my tenant repeatedly vomit for the afternoon.

Earlier this month I bought another home that a man had committed suicide in. Well I was cleaning out his stuff and came to a drawer that was filled with about 500 bipolar pills that he had not taken. Hmmm....Maybe he should have taken them.

I was never a big believer in ghosts myself, and my wife was always telling me that our first house which was a rental was haunted, she would tell me in the morning that she could here banging on the glass. Me, being the man that I am just told her that it was the bushes on the windows. Until, the night she woke me up with the quick jab to the throat and said Eric listen its here. I groggily rubbed my eyes and was just about to get up and walk her to the window where the "bush was rubbing" just as my toe hit the floor, the basement door right across from our bedroom door started shaking rather loudly and the handle was twisting very fast back and forth. It was a old wood door with a rusty handle so the sound was unmistakeabley horrifying. Thats when I came a believer.

That's a crazy story! Personally, I avoid properties that people died or were murdered in. I actually found an incredible deal a few years back, but the elderly man who used to live there died and the unit he lived in never got rented for years prior to my finding it. I decided that word of mouth would keep people away and elected to pass on the deal.

Yeah, I got goosebumps too. Lol.

I've only bought one house (that I know of) that someone has died in. It was from natural causes, but he got left there for a month. When the firemen finally got to him and tried to carry him out, he exploded.

I bought the house a couple weeks later and the smell was definitely unlike anything I had ever smelled before. I paid one of my guys an extra $50 to pull out the carpet and scrub the wood floor underneath it. It had a 8 ft pool of blood under the carpet that was still coagulated.

I sold the house a couple weeks later.

That's nuts Ryan! Those are they types of properties you can make a mint on, but you have to have the stomach for it.

Bodies will explode if they are left to decay and fill up with all sorts of gases. That’s why people are usually embalmed. I was a paramedic for 6 years in NY and came across more than one body that had been sitting around for a while. It's not a pretty sight.


Freaky stuff! My grandmother died in her home in Mexico, and almost exactly a year later, my grandfather also died, but he collapsed at the bank and died at the hospital. Long story short, my mom's siblings fought over the house for several years and was left vacant. Three of my aunts/uncles were jockeying for control of the house. I was glad to see that my mother didn't get involved in the power struggle (I was a teenager at the time). They finally settled their differences and started renting the house. The first people to move in were three airline pilots. They would complain of noises and such, but nothing major. Then one night, the guy that paid the most rent and had the master bedroom let out a huge shriek. The other two guys were watching TV in the living room. They ran to see what was wrong with the guy, and found him white as snow and cold as ice staring blankly into space. They had to take him to the hospital. He was finally able to speak a few days later. Apparently he had suffered severe trauma and was literally speechless.

Once he regained his speech, he described a man that appeared to him and was walking towards him. The man he described was an exact description of my grandfather.

People would also see someone looking out the window at nights when the house was vacant, hear noises, etc.

Goes to show there is a spiritual realm that we are rarely aware of. Or maybe it's renegade programs running wild in the Matrix!

Fascinating! I was wondering if I would come across this topic on this site. How many of you have come across deals that seemed too good to be true and ended up being haunted? Also, how many of you currently own properties that you suspect are haunted? I grew up in a haunted house and could tell you hours of stories of stuff that happened there. My mother still keeps me informed of occasional stuff that goes on there. My parents have lived there since 1973.

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