What 2021 accomplishments are you proud of?

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@Kaylee Walterbach 2021 was the year I found peace and financial freedom. After 31 years in the same industry, I now took a job that I actually enjoy and do for fun. After 40 flips and Brrrr buy and holds, I have the financial foundation to have more free time. I operate and manage 16 doors, have ownership in a 72 unit college property, and have two RE syndicated deals; one in Ohio (62 units) and one in Atlanta (opportunity zone).

I am 54 year old, and love my family, two grand daughters, doing Spartan races with my older son and the time freedom I now have. Time is your greatest asset and you really do not know how much you have! Live for every moment!

Purchasing my first STR out of state and under contract on second one. Hunting for 3 & 4. Started in May....Kicking myself for getting distracted with trading and ignoring love of my life....RE!

Started my first new construction duplex in 2019, survived being shut down, building material price increases, and labor/material delays bc of COVID and finally finished Aug 2021; under budget. Getting ROI over 10% on a new construction.

New here, 1st post - Bought 1 property in my name and 4 in LLC - starting to learn airbnb in austin market, also working on health/fitness/nutrition, lost 30 lbs and building my cloud computing technical knowledge :)

Sold my first class-C fourplex and did a 1031 exchange to purchase two class-B fourplexes. Went from self management to hiring a full time professional property manager. Doubled my net worth. Became a board member of my local REIA.

Good afternoon Kaylee,

We are proud and excited that we were able to help so many good folks with over $43.5M worth of funded loans this September. If all goes well, we should be able to top that number this month. Our Rehab Lending helps investors to do fix and flips, as well as fix and holds. Additionally, our bail out loans save our clients from losing their properties to a foreclosure. Moreover, Fusion's 30 year mortgages empower the real estate investor to quickly and seamlessly transition from a fix and hold Rehab loan, into comfortable permanent financing. It is always nice to hear from people that visit this site, and from the BiggerPockets team. 

@Kaylee Walterbach awesome thread. I took my dive into out of state investing for the first time, without knowing anyone. Have bought two SFH's out of state that were both rented immedidately, are cash flowing, and have built so much equity that I will be able to refinance one of them and buy another property in early 2022 to keep the ball rolling. A leap of faith - with some bruises (and doubt) that has motivated other people to jump in and learn about how to build wealth in real estate.

Started this year with a goal of buying two properties. closed on 2 single family properties that are on 1 lot at the end of July i only count this as one property. in Nov i will be closing on 2 more properties a duplex and triplex they are side by side. in my conservative way i still only count this as one property. so im most proud if hitting my goal even if it was very last minute on both. Next years goal will change from number of properties to adding a certain amount of cash flow. 

@Kaylee Walterbach

Bought a two family - first investment for me and it ended up being almost a full gut. Initially my partner and I were just gonna do the kitchens. Then we decided to do new plumbing , electrical , baths. Added two baths. Partially new floors. New paint.

So jumped into and it became a big project but loved every bit it had to throw at us and learned a ton.

So keep them coming and happy investing.

Woot woot!

So happy I a bought something along one of my best friends and partner.

Following the advise on BiggerPockets and purchasing my ninth rental property by using leverage instead of totally buying with cash! Yippee!

I finally bought my first investment property without any partners. But looking ahead, I hope that the real estate brokerage I will be opening up will be my success story of 2021. 

Originally posted by @Robert Carnie :

Despite several setbacks this year and last, I am most proud of getting my real estate agent license and changing my entire mindset from being an employee to becoming an investor. Joining the BP community has been incredibly motivating and educational, and I can't wait to start helping others in their pursuit of financial freedom.

Good Luck Robert. It will be a tough but rewarding journey.


Originally posted by @Mary Beatty :

The accomplishment I am most proud of is making my dream my reality.  In 2021 I went from a full time corporate finance job to a full time real estate agent and investor.  I brings me so much happiness to work for myself every day which isn't something I saw when working in the corporate world.  Seeing the results from all my hard work while helping people has changed my life.  I've been able to help people buy homes, help a friend that is building a home by having a temporary place to live, and provide work for many contractors.  All while expanding my real estate business twofold by doubling my buy and hold properties as well as my flip properties. 

Glad you are able to make the switch and enjoying it Mary. I still hold my corporate job and doing a little investing on the side but I hope one day I can be a full time real estate agent and enjoy the freedom that it bring. 


Originally posted by @William Arrington :

Its not as impressive as a lot of you guys but after wanting to do this for 10 years we have contacted a realtor in the area we want to purchase our first short-term rental.  The market is slim pickings right now but I would imagine that I will have one by spring.  So in short.. I am getting off the bench and actually playing

Real Estate investing is a marathon. It is not something that you jump in then out and make a ton of money. But in the long term you can slowly build up that monthly passive income every single time you add a door to the list. I started investing back in 2009. Purchase an investment property with some family member then purchased another one in 2011. I only recently reducing my position and cashing out to do my own investing. Just purchased my the first investment property without a partner this year. Will hope to do more before the year end. 


Sold a primary home in Nov 2020 for 110k profit. Took that money and bought 11 more doors in 2021. A duplex in Feb, STR in Gulf Shores in Jun, duplex in Sept, and closing on 2 triplexes with a shared driveway next month. Add in an 18 lot mountain property that my friend further developed and sold for a 40% profit in 6 months. 13 total doors by the end of the year.

Proud of making a ton of seller financing offers way outside of my traditional market (I cant remember how many) getting several under contract, being able to pass on a the ones that didnt make sense and getting  a few more by connectind with our realtors. Proud of struggling through a massive renovation of one of said properties during the highest lumber prices ever, and learning every step of the way! 

I have nothing to show yet but I’m proud that I’ve internally become more accepting and excited about the process before achieving the result. Also, deciding to shift my energy and spare time into learning the many paths of building wealth has helped me get an idea of what my strategy will be. A financially secure future has become much more visible to me!

@Kaylee Walterbach putting family first. In the middle of a pandemic, we quit jobs that we didn’t love, sold our condo in downtown Chicago, and moved back home closer to family. It was a neutral choice from a financial perspective, but a hugely positive choice from a personal standpoint.

At 23-year-old and with over $90,000 in student loan debt, I was able to get my first multifamily property that is now making the monthly payment on my student loans.

I've essentially canceled out my student loans by purchasing a multifamily property.

It's not my fault I was born poor but it will be my fault if I die poor.

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