I am also looking at developing a detached quadplex or a 5 unit complex in San Antonio. My problem is I know very little about the permitting process. Can anyone help or offer and resources or advice? I looked online at the city's site but that's not enough info for me to dive in and start the project. I just don't know what I am up against on getting those permits and also am not familiar with the code in San Antonio to build to. I looked at the unified code but didn't get much clarity. 

 I have found a few properties I like zoned for MF or a quad as well. We have kicked around hiring someone to build it or do it ourselves. We think we can pull it off ourselves but again don't know how to navigate the permitting. We originally wanted them to be tiny houses, but 500 sq ft would be great too. We have a vision of creating a bougey small house community. I looked for a few builders if we go that route but am not too sure where to start there either. I might just start calling them. I guess a recommendation there would be amazing as well.

In summary, I would love any help on the permitting process or a recommendation to a reliable builder who can accomplish the permitting themselves. Any help would be much appreciated : ) Appreciate all the support, thank you so much!