VA loan to purchase 5 acres with 3 manufactured homes in Mid-TN

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Hello BP lender community,

I've been shot down a couple of times by conventional lenders telling me that the VA will not approve of 5 acres with a double wide and two singles. The double wide has a permanent foundation and the two singles are rented for ~ $1k per month. The purchase price is $400k and located 30 min south of Nashville, TN.

I’m pretty sure there are lenders who will be able to work with me in this. I look forward to your advice and help :)

@Patrick Reisinger yeah, this is going to be a hard no with just about ANY loan. Buying a property with ONE mobile home as an accessory unit is next to impossible. 99% of lenders won't allow that. So having two is just going to be to hard to find I'm afraid with any federal type of loan - like a VA/USDA/FHA/Fannie Mae type of loan. Any mobile home made before 1974 is also out entirely. Sorry to share this news but this is the right information for you to know.