HUD Home Repairs

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FHA assumes lead base paint if prior to 1978 but no problem there just can be no chipping or peeling paint at time of FHA appraisal. Another big one is water heater strapped with pressure relief valve.

HUD actually does lead based paint Inspections on all HUD homes that FHA bids accepted and were built prior to 1978. They will fix the lea based paint as well if ya less than $4,000.

To the original question they were not talking about lead based paint, but chipping or peeling paint most likely.

Yes sir - that repairs to blistering, peeling or cracking paint....has nothing to with LBP. Are you buying a HUD house to live in or for an investment?

I'm actually looking at both options. My family and I are currently building our own house out of pocket and living on-site in a 5th wheel.

If we end up taking a while to build we could go the owner occupancy route and turn it into a rental property after a year.

Shaun: I broker HUD properties in Michigan regularly and this typically means the house needs new paint rather than a serious problem with lead paint.

Appreciate all the info. from everyone.

The house does indeed need a paint job.

I'm running #'s and doing due diligence. I'll post if we pull the trigger.

Originally posted by @Bryan L. :
The property condition reports on HUD properties are almost worthless. Same thing with their repair estimates.

HAHAHAHA I agree. I am an HUD inspector. Its the silliest job I have ever had. But it pays pretty well

@Shaun Hatton

When figuring on repair costs, remember HUD owned houses are foreclosures and have been vacant for a while. Figure on having to replace the Hot Water Heater and replacing or repairing all the faucets in the house. The hot water heater will probably have all kinds of sediment and scale build-up. The faucets seals have probably all dried out and therefore will drip.

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