Prime rate? Thinking ahead for the future

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So, I currently have three properties. One leveraged 80-10, the second property I'm about to close an 80-10 refi on. The third property I hold free and clear right now, just purchased it and about to rehab and get a tennant in.

I was thinking about doing a 75% LTV HELOC on the third property, but I've been thinking about the future of the prime rate and how increases would really hurt my cash flows. I'm buying the property for $43,000, 6-7k in repairs, ARV 65-70k.

If I max out all three of those lines now the payments aren't bad. But if prime does get back to its histroical average of almost 10%, that will dramatically change my cash flows. What are your guys thoughts as far as the future of interest rates? HELOCs are quite appealing now, but I don't know if it would be wiser to try to pull out the equity on my third property in another way? Maybe waiting the 6 months to let the equity season.

@Asher Anthes while it's good to think about the future, I wouldn't over think it.

If you think borrowing at today's rates is cheap and offers opportunities to put some cheap money to work, like I do, get as much as you think is a reasonable amount of leverage and keep building your assets/income. That's the way I see it.

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