3 Property Blanket Loan Proposal

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I am working to put together a proposal for a blanket loan to my primary lender with three (2 SFR & 1 Duplex) properties I have purchased recently with cash. I have done several blanket loans with the bank that included 2-4 properties SFR per loan by just emailing them the address and basing the loan off of tax value, but they are asking for a more detailed proposal to present to their loan review committee this time around.

Does anyone have a sample package, template, software, or just a list of standard and/or creative details that should be included in the package. Certainly I will have property photos and rehab details but this seems like a good opportunity for some graphs, demographics, and analysis to show them I am running this as a business. I know I've seen some various ways to present property details and market data but thought I would ask if some of my BP colleagues have experience or ideas that could make the presentation professional and compelling but still concise.

Thanks for any feedback!


Why not ask this lender for specific of what they want and what is "too much." (Graphs are probably too much).

Ask what has worked to get a loan like what you desire approved.

It could be a simple 1003 application.


I agree with Kevin. Do not waste your time putting together what you think the lender wants. Ask the lender for a document checklist and their forms so you can give them exactly what they want.

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