Seeking 80% LTV & 30 year am on 5 unit in NH

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Hello All,

My brother and I are buying a 5 family in Manchester NH. I'm looking for a lender who can do 80% on a 30 year amort, 5-10 years fixed at 4.5%-6% range. I have a slew of quotes; some get to 30 years but will only go 75%; others will go 80% but only 25 year amort. Any lenders out there offering what I'm looking for?


Hi, Doug,

Since your profile says you have 7 years experience with commercial lending, I guess you know how difficult it is to find what you are looking for.  If you had more properties  than your duplex it might be easier, so you may have to settle for a 25 yr am.  But banks are getting more aggressive lately. 

Try calling Deb Davis Thum at Franklin Savings Bank

(no affiliation)  see if she has a product that might work.

Thanks Ann. Yes, I may be asking for the moon here, but as a commercial lender I know that the investor always asks for the moon so I'm trying my hand at that. I appreciate the referral, I'll give them a shout.


Hi Doug,

My direct lending source has a program that will go 80% LTV and 30 yr amt. Rates start just over 4% depending on credit and 5-10 year fixed. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you're interested.



@Doug Landry Did you ever find any commercial lender who can offer 80% LTV with 30 years amortization at 5-10 fixed rate adjustment?

Also interested on an answer here...

me too...

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