Any mortgage providers that will not require water to be on to appraise?

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I'm interested in purchasing a property on Hubzu (I'm aware of the many challenges of dealing with them).

The property I'm targeting is an auction that will also accept conventional financing. The trouble I'm having is getting a loan if the water won't be turned on for the appraisal.

Is anyone familiar with conventional lenders that will accept an appraisal that will be done with the water off?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi Matt,

It's a general rule of thumb with all lenders on conventional loans. They need to make sure there are no plumbing leaks and that the house is liveable before they will lend on it. Maybe call Hubzu and ask them for referrals for lenders who will lend on their properties and run it by them. 

Best of luck.


You can use an air pressure test... that's what field service companies do.

Hi Matt. You have a couple choices one would be the air test if your lender will accept it. The other is to pay to have the water turned on yourself and turned off at the conclusion of the test if HUBZU will allow that. That's been my experience anyway.

Thanks all for your thoughts.

@Chris Martin  Hey Chris, any lender you would recommend that would accept the air-pressure test in lieu of the water being on?

The lender will depend on the appraisal for identifying impairments. Discuss the issue with an appraiser (and possibly the lender) and see if this (air test) would be an acceptable solution. GSE underwriting, the last I checked, didn't specify this kind of item... it's up to the appraiser. (My disclaimer: I don't purchase with GSE funds *we buy with cash/collateralized funds), so I've never been in your position.)

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