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My question is if I have equity in a few of my sfr properties...would I be able to tap into that equity if I quit my day job already?  I own one property free and clear, and another property that I believe would appraise at the very least of $80K and I owe just under $30K.  So I have equity in those 2 properties, but no w-2 income.  My credit score hangs around 700.  I have rental income coming in every month since 2011, but not that much.  I only have 4 properties that won't cover my debt to income thru a traditional bank.  I do have significant liquid cash savings, but I would much rather be able to acquire a loan if I could instead of blowing all my cash savings.

Would I be wasting my time trying to go thru a portfolio lender because I don't have any w-2 income and my debt to income won't meet "bank standards."  I also do not really want to use a hard money lender because I want to buy and hold this next property.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to secure financing on my next investment.  At this point the only avenue that I can think of is finding a partner with a good w-2 income to qualify for good ol' traditional financing...what would you do???

i'd call banks. lots of them. i called around 56 the last time i was looking for money.

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