Mortgage company suggestions?

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Hello, I'm trying to find a new mortgage company to work with in Florida. Ideal scenario would be 20% down on investment property. Also a company that does small loans, as low as $30-$35k loan value. Thank you for any suggestions!

 I made contact with [email protected] through Bigger Pockets. He is a member/investor who has been helping me work toward purchasing my first investment property. He is located in Melbourne Fla. Give him a call. He may be able to help you. 

I have spoken to @Michael Smith  a few times as well - knowledgable and probably able to help you.


I just had a great experience with as an online lender, closed my investment home purchase in 23 days.  PM me if you want my POC there, already sent her a few customers in the last two weeks.

I also got extremely competitive quotes from a company in Florida called VanKeef Financial, didn't close a deal with them but the rates and customer service were fantastic.  

Good Luck!

@William Allen , as I am in the same boat as @Camronn W. , would you mind messaging me your POC for Do you know if they will do a $30k loan? Thanks! I'm having a hard time finding a lender for such a small mortgage.

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