SFH Closing under LLC Columbus OH

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I started my LLC in 2011 and have had a rental condo that's done pretty well inside it(Loan closed under LLC name with me as personal guarantor). Tax returns will show a minimal gain because of writeoffs and maintenance we've done since purchasing.

The reason I want to close this way is because I started a family since the purchase and I don't want recent rental purchases effecting my borrowing power because of raised dti till 2 year period is over. If I close under my LLC I believe history being over 2 years the new rental mortgage should not count against me when I go to get a personal mortgage...let me know if i'm wrong here.

The terms of my original property seem to be pretty hard to find now 30 years fixed under these conditions. My goal is to again have my next property at 30 years fixed closing under LLC. If up front costs are a little higher I'd prefer that over the unpredictable nature of a variable loan.

If anyone has information on lenders in columbus that might do these things let me know!.


I would try park national bank. They deem pretty investor friendly. Union savings would be a good option too  

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