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Do hard money lenders give 100% loans. I am currently in the process of buying one property with a conventional loan while at the same time have come across a really good deal I dont want to pass. I dont have enough down payment for both right now, but will be getting the money I need in a matter of a few weeks.But the money has to be seasoned for a month before I can use it.  WiII be able to get a Hard money loan for 100% value, in the meantime? 

If you find the right lender and the deal is good enough to them then you should be able to get a 100% HML.


I really doubt there is a Hard-money product out there that will lend you 100% with no "skin in the game."  If you come across one please share. No such product in Texas.

The real estate deal would have to be a unicorn, for that to happen. Do not mean to be a downer.

I hope this helped.


If it is a good deal borrow the down payment from family members or friends.

Joe Gore

My problem is -I am getting the down payment but not in time for this particular deal -How to secure it, is my dilemma

Yes. You can get 100% of the costs (purchase, plus rehab, plus closing costs even).

@Naseera Mohamed   its possible, but unlikely.  You would need to find a lender who will do a loan without a required down payment.  And the deal would have to be good enough to give you a 100% loan.  

For example, I know of one lender will go 70% of ARV with no mandatory down payment. That lender does charge four points and some up front fees and requires monthly payments. And cash reserves. So your purchase plus rehab budget would need to be less than about 65% of ARV, as determined by the lender's appraiser. A 70% of ARV loan less four points and fees would give you enough to buy and rehab the property. You would then have to start making monthly payments at 1.25% of the loan amount.

Note that this will not work on a move in ready property because there's no spread between your purchase price and the ARV.

If you're actually looking for the name of a possible lender you will need to post in the Marketplace.

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