Has anyone had their mortgage sold to Green Tree Servicing?

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I go through a mortgage broker for my loans and they usually sell their loans and I guess I was lucky to always have a loan sold to JPM as their servicing links up perfectly with my Chase credit cards so I can see everything in one place and set up autopay like my credit cards.

However, I recently refinanced and the loan got sold to Green Tree for servicing and I've tried to sign up online to get my statement through their website to set up autopay online but after I log in, the website just doesn't work! It's been "down" (that's what they say when I call them) for about a month so I dont have any faith in it ever working again. Funny thing is when I asked them about it on the phone, they said it was down for the day and then when I said I tried setting it up last month, they said its been down since last week (I set up the account 3-4 weeks ago and thought it might needed some time to register in their system)...so it sounds a bit shady to me.

I also haven't received my paper statement in the mail and today is the due date for my first payment. They said they would re-send it in 2-3 business days, so will see if it comes. This coupled with all the complaints I have read about them online, I'm thinking I could be in for a real rough time. I really don't want to be accessed any late fees or damage my credit but I'm at a loss to who else I can talk to about this...

I've been with Green Tree for quite a while after GMAC went out of business.  I haven't had any issues so far.

@Sam Tang  

Thanks for the quick reply Dawn! Do you use their website and pay through their autopay feature? I don't understand why the site is not working for me after signing up. I guess I'm just worried I will have to send in checks to them every month and would much prefer an automated way to pay the mortgage.

I have had  a loan with green tree for a few years.  No problems.

@Sam Tang   yes I'm on auto-pay so it deducts from my bank account every month.  I also get Paperless statements which I can download in PDF.

Ok thanks, @Dawn Anastasi and @Cal C. , appreciate the feedback! I guess I could be pre-mature in assuming how this shakes out. I'll wait a few days and hope it resolves itself!

Like Dawn, I was originally with GMAC before Green Tree took over the mortgage. The only problem I've encountered with them was when I switched insurance companies . I had to deal with some run around but eventually every thing got sorted out. I pay online without any issues but you can avoid a service charge by mailing the payment in.  Best of luck. 

@Sam Tang  

I use the Bill Pay service through my bank to pay it, with no issues.  Just add GreenTree and your account number, and they should be able to send electronically each month, without having to fill out GreenTree's auto pay form.  Generally arrives 1-2 business days. No other issues with them.

- Tom

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