FHA Loans refinance

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Ok say you bought a property using and FHA loan with 3.5% down. You must owner occupy for a year and after that year you plan on refinancing the loan into a conventional mortgage in order to free up the opportunity to purchase another property using a FHA loan(only allowed one FHA loan at a time). During the year that you live there from mortgage payments made and appreciation via rehab, inflation, and demand you have built up to a 20% equity status in the property(after doing some research I have found that generally a lender will not refinance an FHA loan into a conventional loan until you have 20% equity). The question is does the fact that the property has increased 20% in equity from other means besides mortgage payments would this still qualify as the 20%? This may be so obvious that I am over thinking it but who knows this might be something that would be beneficial to know as you pyramid up using a combination of FHA and conventional loans.

My question has been answered but for those who may be interested in this question I will say that the answer is yes it is treated as if you then had 20% in equity. 

@Nathan Buss  

Also lenders will finance you from an FHA loan to conventional without 20% equity. It comes down to the Tangible Net Benefit. If there is enough savings, cash out, shortened term, adjustable to fixed, or some other reasonable benefit it can be done.