Experience with Quicken Loans?

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Hey team,

We are getting ever so closer purchasing our first flip property. It's show time ! 

My wife and I got quoted 3.99% for a conventional loan and 15% down. Has anyone had any first hand experience with Quicken?

We are getting mixed reviews online and from what I can remember, they are just another payday loan place?

Any info will be greatly appreciated! 



Is your flip property you plan on purchasing in livable, move in ready condition?  It will have to be in order to get a bank loan on it.  

Who determines livable and move-in-ready? 

We used Quicken for the loan on our primary home 2 years ago and everything went smoothly.  Since then we have established relationships with local lenders since my wife is a realtor now which we will use for our refi's.  Quicken was good, it is just nice to discuss options face to face.

A funny side note, one conversation with quicken, the woman with quicken told me "love you" as we were getting off the phone! She quickly admitted she was texting her husband as we were talking. 

Overall it was good service and we had no problems for our fairly simple, conventional primary mortgage (we only had one mortgage prior to compare it to).

Good luck on the flip!

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