best Kansas City Commercial/Business Lender

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we have a lone of credit we purchase our properties on and I need to portion out like 5 properties SfH & DUPLEX into term/balloon note. So far I've heard some local Kansas City banks rent hat hot on them right now, and I've come across that are putting together offers. Anyone have great luck w any financial institutions around the KC area.....or anywhere else.

check out Bank 21

thanks!  I'll check it out. FYI so far enterprise has been excited at the opportunity but I'd rather have a few to work w.

You might try Argentine Federal or US Wide Financial (out of St. Louis).  We've used US Wide for some of our KC properties and are also considering working with Argentine Federal in the future.  I would also suggest Bank Midwest in Kansas City, but I think we had trouble with them because they won't work with you if you have more than 4 loans.

Great American Bank, Missouri Bank and Fidelity Bank have all been great for us. I would give them a try.

thank you all! bank is looking good w a 25 yr am., 5 yr balloon at like 4.25% and they'll go up to 80% ltv. I actually work at US Bank....give me a shout if anyone needs a contact here

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