Jumbo/Portfolio Mortgage for 1.4 Million....

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I have a good friend of mine who is looking for end financing for his newly constructed house. I am in mortgage lending, and have a few programs that may fit, however, I know there are programs around the country that I don't have access to working for a large banking institution. Please feel free to let me know some of the basic guidelines (LTV, credit score, amortization, fixed/adjustable, pricing). He has a very strong profile (high credit, income, assets). I'm curious to see what is available outside of West Michigan.

In CA, if you have high credit, income and assets, you should be able to obtain a $1.4M loan between 3.0-3.25% for a 5/1 ARM at 70% LTV. At 50% LTV, you should be able to obtain 2.68% for a 3/1 ARM or 2.875% for 5/1 ARM.