Please help with my cash sale closing costs - details and numbers inside.

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I'm closing on an $18,000 house in a week and they sent me the following as an estimate for closing. It seems too high based on what I have read here but I don't know what all to cut out.

Title Insurance plus Binder Fee - $74

Wood Infestation Report -           $100

Appraisal Fee (wtf)                       $425

Title Search Fee                           $175

Attorney Fee/Title Examination    $500-650

Deed Recording                           $57

State Tax                                     $82

Total is $1,562 which is much higher than the $500-$600 I see quoted around here. What can I cut besides the appraisal fee?


All these fees seem inline with what we see every day. I think your only option is to shop for your attorney fee.

Appraisal is inline with the national average. Overall, it looks fair.

Looks inline with what I have been paying in North Carolina. Are you paying cash for the house? Do you need an appraisal for an $18,000 house? If you do a lot of business with your attorney, maybe he/she would knock off $100. That is what mine does. Good luck!

I usually pay around $900 or so for cash closings. We don't have a transfer tax here, so that helps. I'm assuming your are getting a loan if you are being required to have an appraisal. I've been told by lenders on properties that low they will go with tax value or just a BPO. 

Attorney fees are high. Shop around. $450 is reasonable.

Thanks for the answers guys. Looks like I can drop the appraisal from the list since I am paying cash. I complained about the attorney fee and they said the y would do it for $500. So my closing costs are now around $1,000 which is what you're saying is reasonable. Thanks again!

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