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Hey All!

So far with two conventional lenders I haven't gotten any positive responses.

So here is my question. Any advice would he helpful.

I am almost at my 10 conventional mortgage limit, and was wondering if a possible strategy would be to have credit partners to be a partner in the deal (either bringing cash or not bringing any cash, just their credit), and I would be supplying the capital.

The conventional lenders told me that it isn't really possible in a conventional way. I'd have to look to commercial side, which so far, I have found the terms to be much less favorable than what I've been getting on the conventional side.

Any thoughts?



I would look for a portfolio lender. You can look for other partners. With 10 (or so) preforming properties you have a good track record.

You can also look for private money sources in your area.

I've talked with private and portfolio lenders.

Terms are nowhere near as good, hence why I was wondering if there is a possibility to go the conventional route with a partner.

Seth a wise man once said.  It's not the cost of money that's important it's the availability of it that's important. With that being said it depends on what you are going to do with the property. 

Hi @Seth Mosley , investors do this all the time. Your next step should be meeting with your real estate attorney and ask how to structure a partnership with conventional financing, then go to the lender with the credit partner. 

I would like to challenge you to do the numbers on owning the property with a credit partner vs owning a property that was financed with hard money or by a portfolio lender. I have found that my numbers a pretty much the same or the credit partner turns out to be more expensive. Plus, the additional hassles of having a partner.

Seth, you indicated the terms are nowhere near as good.  Would you please share some of the quotes you received?

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