Time frame for FHA owner occupied 4-plex?

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I am looking to buy my first rental property. Thinking of going FHA and be owner-occupant, self manage the property. I believe FHA requires owner-occupant status on 4-plex. Is there a limit to this? Can I decide to move out and rent my unit after a couple of years?


The residency requirements are 1 year for FHA...... The reality is if you have a change in your status they can't force you to live in your 4 plex. It will be hard to explain if you move down the street or across town with no posable explination. The truth is if I had it to do over I would have lived in a 4plex for the first year and moved on. Good luck

@Greg Gibbons

Great idea! My wife and I did this and closed on our 4-unit property about 6 months ago. I believe this would apply across the board for FHA guidelines, but we are required to live on-site for 1 year... no sweat right. We are saving up currently and hope to be into our next property soon after our one year mark. Too bad we can't use FHA a second time though. Good luck and let me know if you need any advice in the future!

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