Does anyone have experience being a hard money lender and what you grossed?

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I have had a few offers from people who want me to lend them hard money. I was wondering if anyone had longer term real world experience on what they grossed /netted as a hard money lender? Please let me know what rates/points you lent at and what you grossed, then netted. 

I've been lending hard money for over 10 years.  If you are looking at a few deals, I would suggest not lending.  There are so many potential mistakes you'll make getting started that the losses will far outweigh the gains.  If you interested in creating a passive income through owning mortgage notes, than I would suggest you buy them through hard money lenders, like myself, who know the pitfalls of hard money lending, how to avoid them, how to balance risk, and still create a great return for ourselves.  Please contact me through BP directly and I'd be happy to share more info. with you.  Thanks!

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@ken, What do u average on an annualized basis with something like a 4pts /13%? What do you find is the average holding time across all your people flipping?

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