Mortgages for non Nationals, not living in the USA

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Hi there,

 Anyone have advice for how a Canadian living in Germany can get a mortgage loan in the US?

 I've called and searched everywhere. I can't seem to find anything. 

 Yes, I found some hard money lenders, but because I intend to buy and hold I don't want to risk a 2 year loan.



Hi Charline, 

Try Express Capital Mortgage out of Arizona, they cater to Foreign Nationals.

I've got a great niche source.  Hit me up through BP and I'll give you their info.


Where is the property located? I work for a hard money lender, if it's in California we maybe able to give you a loan for up to 5 years.

Hi @Charline R. have you approached BBVA Compass?  They are a Canadian bank with a large US presence - as a Canadian citizen they may be able to help you.

Good luck


@Ruth Jones  I think you're mistaken, BBVA is Spanish bank. There's no such bank in Canada. 

@Chad Urbshott you are quite right. I meant BMO Harris. Having one of those days!

I work with Essex Mortgage in California and I cater to foreign nationals looking to invest in the US. If the other lenders don't work out for you we even have 8-10 day rush closings available. Send me a private message for further details. 

Charline,  did you come across any good providers for foreign nationals?  I know TD, BMO and Royal Bank all operate in the USA which are good options for Canadians but TD won't loan on more than 5 properties and most others I have come across want 35 to 50 percent down.  

I am currently looking and thought I would reach out to see if you had any advice as this is an older thread.



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