Creating a private mortgage without title company

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I am in the process of lending a person money for renovating an owner occupied home.   The home was recently bought for $50,000 cash and is free and clear.

I am trying to create a note for $15,000.  I am wondering how hard it would be to create a mortgage for this note which in my opinion would reduce the risk .  Based on the low amount of the loan, the owners equity in the home, and the owner's recent closing I do not have any particular need for getting a lenders policy or going through a title company.  I would simply like to create the note and mortgage and  record the mortgage myself at the court house.  

I appreciate any feedback.

C. Gallegos     

Bad, bad, bad, bad idea.  Would you like to hear some horror stories?  ALWAYS get a lender's policy of insurance.  There are bound to be issues with the property or the seller.

To answer your question, yes, you can create a mortgage on a property without title insurance . . . my question to you is "why would you?"  It would be like getting married without dating first.  You have NO idea what you're getting into!

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Thanks for the reply.  The more I research this, the more obstacles I see that I am not thoroughly familiar with, for example SAFE and Dodd Frank.  My goals are to invest in small mortgages, not more than a few each year.   If I were to do this through  title company, I believe I have to provide loan closing instructions etc.

Do you know if there are companies that specialize in helping create such mortgages?  

I think you will find that lending money against primary residences is going to be more headache than it is worth.

Thank you all for your replies.  I agree that this is going to be more headache than it is worth.