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Does anyone know what CBC Innovis or Nova Home Loans are? They've shown up on my credit report as a hard hit / search and I believe it is pulling my rating down. I am trying to do a deal and it is impeeding the process. I've Googled them and get a variety of promotional or complaint oriented websites.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


If that were my credit, I'd be writing letters of explanation for the file that say you don't know who they are or what they're doing.  And talking to the credit companies about what to do about that.

Are you applying for a loan?  

Thank you Tammy for the good suggestion. I'll do that.

Michael.. Yes, I am applying for a loan.

CBC Innovis provides credit verification services, background checks, etc. for lenders.  If you're at the final stages of receiving a loan, expect to see a hard inquiry from them or another similar firm.  If you're not at the point of finalizing a loan however, I'd look into why there are hard inquiries.

If you are applying for a loan you will see hard inquiries as that is how lenders verify credit. 

You can expect to see one hard inquiry for a loan application (one per credit agency that is).  If this is pulling your credit down, have you been applying for credit several (more than 4 times) within the last 12 months?

Thank you all for the excellent input. I am applying for a loan and I will be check out if this is related.

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