20% down on 8 different properties

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want to know how to get financing on several properties, with 20% down.  I have 200k cash and a pre approved loan for up to 350k.  Instead of using all my cash on a couple of properties, I want to use my cash to leverage loans for several rental properties.  How do I approach this effort?


Why not leverage as much as possibly with the best loans as possible. Do a 10% down FHA Owner Occupied for at least 6 months on one property that has potential cash flow or good appreciation/equity appreciation with fixing then decide from there where you want to continue your efforts. This will let you test the market in the area as you decide.

@Fabio Martinez  

That is definitely an option with some lenders to finance up to ten properties....... And some being less than $50k

Here is some info on financing. Guidelines get more strict once you reach 5 mortgages.