I Got Invited to Speak About Private Lending - What Do You BP Nation Want to Know?

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I got invited by a local real estate investor's association here in Chicago SW suburbs to speak about PRIVATE LENDING. Together with me on the stage are 2 lenders - a hard money lender and a conventional mortgage lender. They asked me to speaking about Private Lending in particular.

I will speaking this Monday (June 8) and I need your help.

Their suggested talking points are as follows:

  • The many ways to fund a deal, because deals are different and you can't rely on just one strategy.
  • Money or the deal: which comes first?
  • How to fund rehabs: the purchase and the rehab costs.
  • How to get short-term and permanent funding for buy-and-hold investing.
  • How to qualify for a loan.
  • The differences between hard money and private money.
  • The pros and cons of different types of loans.
  • How to get proof of funds, so the seller knows you can close.
  • The types of financial institutions and which are best for your situation.
  • Owner financing -- yes, it's possible! And it's the cheapest money available.
  • How to identify a partner and work a deal with one.

Please let me know what else do you - BP Nation want to learn about PRIVATE LENDING and FUNDING YOUR DEALS.

Where and what time will you be speaking. I definitely want to come
Originally posted by @Byron McGhee:
Where and what time will you be speaking. I definitely want to come

 Hyatt Lisle, 6:30 PM, Monday June 8

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