if you can't get a bank loan in a LLC name

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I heard from brandon that a lot of banks won't give you a loan for residential properties in a LLC name that you have to get the loan in your name but then you have no asset protection and if you change it into a LLC name you trigger the due on sale clause does anyone have a solution

@Ken Oconnor that's a loaded question (statement). If you purchase a residential property in your name you can put a homestead protection on it if you will be occupying the property. You can also buy a general liability policy which will protect you in the event a tenant is injured on your property and you are found liable. Also, a lot of banks won't lend to an LLC but a lot of banks will. Yo have to talk to a bank with a commercial lending department. You would get the loan in the name of the LLC but you will be required to personally guarantee the loan and it will be based on your personal credit and financials not the LLC's. Lastly, there is "limited" asset protection with an LLC and specifically a Single Member LLC. You are limited in that if somebody is hurt on your property and you are found to have been negligent, the LLC will not protect your other assets.

What are your assets at this point? Keep that mind as well. Do you have an idea of your net worth? What is your exposure in the event you are sued? Don't jump into an LLC without doing a lot of research.