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Welcome to BP @John Fox

If you want to be taken seriously then I would suggest that you complete your profile and include a photo. 

You might also tell the community the types of deals you would like to lend on and your terms, but in order to do that you would have to sign up for a Plus or Pro membership and post your terms in the marketplace section. 

If you do sign up for a Plus or Pro membership then you should also include a short video of yourself and contribute to the forum, even if it is simply to welcome new members like yourself to add to your credibility.

This is your first post and we have no info about you so members are naturally going to be skeptical.

Finally, private message me if you would like to know more about the types of deals I am working on.

Hope this helps and again welcome!

i Agree with @Ashley Pimsner for the most part. getting involved here an bp is a great start. i just started woking with an investor as a private investor and he is sharp already as a real estate investor and his criteria is more defined then my own and i think it has to e to protect himself. it makes me work harder to find better deals than what i would normally would, meaning i would pay 1k for a deal if i can still hit a certain cash-flow but he wont budge. the reason tells me is that 'you don't want to owe on it forever' which makes sense. on one deal an extra 1500 cost another ten month of payments! i now know that he has plan that should follow. he's the millionaire investor not me. private lending can be exciting for both parties. good luck in your adventures.

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