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Watch out for this SCAMMER Javier Miguel private lender. He is full of **** and will scam you by using Western Union. LinkedIn says based out of Chicago, ILL 

@Bil Casimir  In addition to giving us his name, it would help if you give us the outline of the scam as well.  That way we can all learn and be vigilant in case the guy changes names or if other people are doing the same scam.

Sorry he got you.  That sucks.

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Originally posted by @Bil Casimir :

Watch out for this SCAMMER Javier Miguel private lender. He is full of **** and will scam you by using Western Union. LinkedIn says based out of Chicago, ILL 

We're you actually scammed?  Or did you bail when you saw red flags.  Legit lenders don't require fees up front and certainly don't use Western Union.

Basically, it went down like this. The Application process he needed verification of work, copy of my passport, copy of my life insurance in case I croaked. After approval 2 days later they were ready to fund. This went way to smooth, first red flag.  Loan Amount 150,000 to be wired to my account after I paid 1.5% transaction fee. Second red flag, Seems logical at the time, went ahead and paid the 1.5% by western union big no no! any way, I waited for the funds nothing happen, he sent me a bank of america wire transfer form with all the account info, codes, etc, I was fooled and took the form hook line and sinker!  , I emailed him and said I got the transcript from bank of america but the transcript says halted?  he says he forgot the closing fee that needed to wired before funding, I fought with him on this and got a letter stating funds would be released as soon as the closing money was wired, third red flag, bla bla, seemed legit. Anyway I just want to strangle this POS! 

Red Flags that come to mind.

Using a google phone
address did not come up on google
Mis spelled words on emails
No official company website

hope this helps!

Just got this from this *** Hole! 

You still you can bring down my good reputation in LinkedIn? you have failed as i have contacted LinkedIn to block your account


Well, it will be hard to remove the Bigger Pockets hit, which is what shows up on the first page of a google search.  Unless this guy convinces the site owner to shut down this thread.  It does happen.

The guy had no credible vetting online.  His name is not associated with any lending in Chicago except his linkedin and one other self reference.  I hate to see people fall for this stuff, but you wired him money Western Union???  What were you thinking?  Credible financial people use banks.

How did you find this guy/gal?  Have you heard a voice?  I googled him, he joined a site july 7 called  The pic on there is completely different than the one on linkedin.  Both say private lender.

I would go back and deeply review all of the documentation you sent him. He may have stolen your money AND your identity.

He just changes his pic this morning after he was discovered.

He has a copy of my passport, that's it! I changed my bank accounts with new accounts.

Originally posted by @Tim Graham :
I would go back and deeply review all of the documentation you sent him. He may have stolen your money AND your identity.

No kidding.  Passport and bank account info. The life insurance policy is a nice touch. The guy is totally invisible by using Western Union.  Could be anyone virtually anywhere.

I'm sorry this happened to you, but thank you for posting.

I had a very similar scenario from a "Private Lender" called Frank Howard on here. As soon as he said Western Union I ran. I would just warn every one on here to watch out for this guy:

Either way, @Bill Casimir you can try: To file your report and if they catch the guy, some of your funds might be recovered. 

Hope this helps!

I rather kick his F ***!

Another scammer is Robert Dale.  678 540-1447

Also goes by another name with wife using the same phone number tho I am sorry to say I didn't write down the new name.  

Has a rather thick north African accent.  His "private investors" are funding from China.  

Red flags:

Requiring origination fee paid in advance - bing!

Pushing for quick action, and verbal approval within days without any documentation

Loan approved as an unsecured loan directly to me, and only a note requiring the property to be put up as collateral within two weeks after funds are provided, as opposed to escrow holdings and property as security.  Not even interested when suggested

Easily providing alternative funding scenarios, whatever I want

All too good to be true

Website address in emails do not connect

There are huge number of scammers out there in direct proportion to the increasing number of real estate investors  /  flippers / rehab folks getting into the biz



@K. Marie P. these scams basically have one theme if you can look behind the curtain they take folks that want to believe they can get a loan and probably should no better. IE they have probably been turned down by local HML.. or they want something that is really to good to be true and really don't understand that.

There are NO lenders that are going to lend at under HML rates unless its a absolutely full doc loan with a US underwriter or they are personally known to you.. pretty much end of story on that one.. and folks think that people from out of country lend money in the US and that is just not the case there are no foreign lenders in the US that are set up.. save a HSBC or some other large institution.

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