Any Experience with Big Smiles Lending Company?

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Hi there fellow BP'ers, 

I'm wondering if anyone's had any experience with a REI lending company called Big Smiles Lending Co. out of Pemberton, NJ?

Someone from BP referred me to them and then they got in touch with me. Before I even filled out a loan application with them, or gave them my credit scores/reports they offered me very favorable terms. TGTBT?


Hi Bonnie,

I looked into Big Smiles Lending Company, I think this company was once called Blue Sky Lending, LC using the email address [email protected]. He stated that he is not a scam. But I noticed that there are several names attached to this company. There's Richard Hughes, Steven Sill, James McDow, and Michael Mullard. I noticed that both applications had the same signature but different names. If I find out anymore I will let you know.

Thanks Stephanie. 

Steven Sill was the one from Big Smiles who emailed me. Earlier today I found some scam alert online regarding Bernie Motta who referred me to Steven via BP:

Interestingly, Bernie who had a profile on BP as of yesterday, and about 15 colleagues including myself, has since disappeared. I flagged his profile last night. That either scared him or BP admin acts fast. 

I did also find this forum thread through BP:

I'm loving this "eyes on the street" culture that BP has going on. I do feel safer. 

Thanks for the post and warnings, I was contacted by Big Smiles Lending Company for a loan with  2% by A Steven Sill signed by Director Mr, Michael Mullard. I  couldn't place the name but I think you are right. I believe they have scammed a guy for $900.00 and with the warning would have taken me for $500.00. I am glad I checked first. Thanks BP

"Big Smiles Lending", just the name makes me think it should be "looking for suckers lending".

They contacted me today after I created a Market Place ad on BP looking for Private money lenders.  I got the same email/Text from Steven Sill, and he just sent me an email with the 2% interest rate and a one page application.  The 2% interest rate made me think this cant be legit, I then did a google search on the company name and found this post, guess I don't need to contact him anymore.  

I was also referred to  Steven Sill from Big smiles lending, from

@Account Closed . 2% was indeed TGTBT. Glad I did some basic research.

@Pavlos Kasselouris

Thanks for contributing to the discussion. I just reported @jerry mike and suggest you do too. He shouldn't be on here trying to scam people. This forum is for legit real estate business. 

I too have been emailed and received text from Steven Sill from Big Smiles Lending Company. Shame on me for not doing my homework first! I did apply and received an approval letter for a loan of $250,000.00 with 2% interest... However, today in a stream of texts, Steven mentioned that he would send me $5k daily and I would keep $500 then forward $4,500.00 daily via MoneyGram to an undisclosed location or name somewhere within the US.

After reading all of these postings, I bet I will NOT be signing for that loan...

Thank you all for these posts.  Steven Sill has now contacted me from SHINEFORTH FUNDING company, and instead of trying to fund me through wiring funds to a bank of my choice (My Title Company), he wants me to open up a new account at the bank of HIS choice.  It definitely seems fishy.

This guy is a Fraud in my eyes-

On 2015-11-19 16:47, George Anderson wrote:


Don't contact me anymore.

On 2015-11-19 16:50, Steven Sill wrote:

Okay good George

Here is the Update that I received from our company that the fees
inquired to collect the loan will cost you $29000 but its my greatest
pleasure to let you know that you wont be paying for it but rather I
have informed an investor to pay it on your behalf, so you dont have
to pay anything from your pocket.

The investor will deposit the $29000 into your credit card account, in
which you will withdraw and pay it to our affiliate company branch and
after you must have sent it via Moneygram, then the company will
transfer your loan directly into the account.

The reason why the investor will pay it to you in which you are to pay
it to the company, is to prove to the company that you have the
capability to refund the loan instead of the investor paying it
himself to the company so that the company wont doubt you in repaying
the loan, hope you understand?

So here is the information that he will need for the Capital One to
remit the fees into it now



The Security questions and answers

I need the info now to have it done now inorder to update you in the
next few hours after its done, okay

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