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has anyone dealt with dohardmoney.com?   just got a very shady contract was just wondering if anyone had even got a loan from them?

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waste of time and money...don't do it with dohardmoney...they are gonna give you alot of promises and never deliver on funding...happened 4 times to me with them and still no return. They say 100 percent financing and it may be on paper but its not like that in reality.

Sorry on response time,  I don't really want to get into too much detail about the contract itself, but there was only a logo at the top; no address, no titles or places for the company to sign in agreement.   The wording basically gave open access to my bank account for any reason, which is something to be very wary of.   Make sure you read all contracts carefully; even the fine print, to protect yourself and your assets.

Originally posted by @Jackie Tan :

HI Mike:

I tried to contact them on several occasion but have never gotten any responses. 

"Shady" contract---how do you mean? Can you share a bit of that? 

If you are looking for private loans--- I may be able to help you.

Let me know. 


 @Jackie Tan I am looking private loans, pm any info you have and if it I have to be in the same state in order to qualify. Thanks in advance for any advice

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