Hard Money Rehab Loans at attractive rates for qualified borrower

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I wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone has any sources of hard money lenders that offer attractive terms/rates for credit A+ credit worthy borrowers in Georgia. I have a 800+ fico score, sufficient liquid assets to buy/rehab this project myself, but want to leverage my funds on this project. It seems foolish of me to pay 10-15% as a credit worthy borrower.  Most of the hard money lenders I've been quoted from charge a minimum 9% interest with 5 points. I was hoping to find 5.5-7% with 0-2 points. Wondering if anyone has found better rates on hard money or rehab loans, and if so where. 

You could use an interest only loan for flipping under 6 months. If you want rates that low you are going to have to go conventional. Hard money is a cost of doing business, but will allow you to leverage your assets.

You could also use the interest only loan and refi into a longer term mortgage with lower rates. 

Hey @Adam Ailion you are not going to find Hard Money at those terms.  The hard money lenders I know are not interested in making 6% with a point, while only having their money out for 6 months.  You can definitely find those terms with rehab loans using portfolio lenders.  Just visit your local community banks and talk to the right people.

Try tfsgmi.com