Multi Family Loan - Tampa, FL

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I currently own and live in my only property and I'm looking for my first multi-family investment property (2-4 units).

At this point I don't have plans to move into the new property, though that could change depending on the property that I find. After some research, it seems that I should be able to find a loan for less than 20-25% down but I'm struggling in finding those loan opportunities. I've been advised to try with credit unions and local, smaller banks but the lowest I've come across is 20%.

If I'm not planning on moving into the property, is there any loan options that I may not be considering?

I'd suggest finding a small community bank, you can probably find a place that will do the 20% down.  You could leverage equity in your house to put less actual cash down - but I'd suggest avoiding that.  Putting 20% down starts you off with a solid base of equity to build on so you aren't leveraged to the hills.

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