Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well ! I hope you all can assist me and give me advice on what you would do in my situation.

I've been trying to find out how much I qualify for regarding a mortgage. I've been looking into multi-family properties as investment properties. I was on a roll finding out my debt to income percentage and such but i have ran into an issue with my bank (credit reporting) and such. I'm not sure is anyone has had this issue before, just throwing it out there.

I have one card which is a MasterCard through my bank. Now I've been holding this card for about 4-5 years now and have a credit score of 768 from Equifax ONLY. The mortgage companies are now saying that they need reporting from 2-3 credit bureaus in order is discuss any numbers. 

My bank only reports to Equifax as i just found out. I would like to know what type of credit cards(Visa/MasterCard) and banks i should be looking at for opening a new card that would help report to all 3 as well as assist me in maintaining good credit. I have heard Citi bank cards are a no no, what is you opinions ? A big thank you in advance !