Delayed Financing Help in NC

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I purchased my first investment property this year in March in Charlotte, NC. While in escrow, my financing fell apart (terrible experience with an online lender!) and in order to keep the deal alive, I ended up having to purchase with all cash. Now that I have finished renovations and have a renter in place, I wanted to pull cash out of the property (around $100k...the ARV is around $200k). It is my understanding that this falls under delayed financing (or maybe cash out refi...I don't know the difference). I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how to go about this process. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide and thank you in advance for any help!

@Justin Branch

Since you bought the home over 6 months ago delayed financing isn't in play anymore.

So as long as you don't have more than 4 mortgaged properties you can just do a regular cash refinance.

This is of course if your C.I.A. ( credit, income and assets permit )

Pm me if you have any additional questions or post in public as well.

Have a good one.

@Justin Branch  You are beyond 6 months, so it would be a cash-out refi. Besides since you have renovated it you should do the refi with a new appraisal. As long as you have less then 4 conventional mortgages, you will be able to do the cash-out refi.