Loan Scams

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Hi BPers,

Just a heads up I recently go and email for a suppose private lender and after researching him I found that this is a scam, please be sure to do your due diligent when people email you and say they are a member of BP he is not,   this is the person that contacted me

David M. Mitton
Global Private Investment LLC

Thanks, I just got an email from this guy.  He referenced BP so I checked here and found this.  There is no profile for him here anymore.  Thanks again, there are a lot of con's in this industry.  We need to stick together.

Really...I don't understand BP Management ...they won't allow someone to post a solicitation from an email address ...but they continue allow these guys and gals to post obvious SCAMS ...WHY?

It is so simple to stop...what is your licensing authority?