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I need help or advice on how to finance deals for apartment complexes with no money out of pocket and how to offer terms that will benefit me and the financer I'm willing to offer as much as possible to get deals done for buy and hold long term residual income or possible joint ventures/partnerships ? any help on this would be great I am motivated and smart and want to make this happen and willing to do almost anything to get my foot in the door

My advice is have a more realistic goal. You are more likely to move forward and be successful in the long run by a string of achievable goals that one big hit of a pie in the sky goal. 

I'm willing to offer as much as possible to get deals done

No you are not. You are not willing to put in any of your own money.  You don't have any skill or experience yet to offer because you are new. What do you even have to offer?

I don't say these things to be mean. I say them to help you get a realistic attitude.  Is it possible to do what you want,? Yes. It is also possible to buy one lottery ticket in your entire life and have that one ticket be a $100 million power-ball winner. I am not betting my financial future on it.

Ned and I share the inate ability to be brutally honest. His advice is very well intended and as he says, you need to bring something to the table other than your willingness to be there and share the blessings and rewards with no risk or financial resources of your own. Work 2-3 jobs and save some money while you learn all you can. Sell anything you have that you don't need and add that to your savings. When you can be a partner in all aspects, THEN you are ready to look for someone to team up with. When you do, expect to receive in direct proportion to what you give. Right now, that's zero. Realistically, you've got some work to do before you are of any benefit to a JV.

Good can do it if you choose to.

What the other two have said happens to be correct.

What real estate experience do you have?
What business/financial experience do you have?
What construction experience do you have?

I've bought roughly $700k in property this year and I've had none of my own money put down. It's possible, but you have to know how to structure the deal. Also, have to know how to make the lender or partner feel confident you know what you're doing. Until you possess a skill set that makes you desirable just due to your knowledge/ability, you're going to be hard pressed to find someone to shell out cash for an investment if they have to do all the work. They'd rather do it alone verse carry someone and share profits.