Hi all, looking for some advice here. I am building a home with cash.. and am about to come up a little short (expected). I have roughly $30k of low-interest credit (sub 4%, most of it zero) with my CC's on tap. I need 20-25 to complete the build.

Plan is to live in for the required amount of time (6 months I believe), and then do cash out refi to pay off the cards.

Right now credit is excellent, but my concern is running such a high credit utilization ratio (over 60%) for several months. I don't want it to substantially adversely affect my refi rate.

The other option I thought of is just an unsecured loan or line of credit with my credit union. Obviously on much less favorable terms, but the short term interest might be less of a concern than the possible credit hit.

I might be over-thinking all of this because I have rarely run up any debt at all, but any thoughts are appreciated!