Reusing the same loan?

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In the case of a conventional 30 year loan used to purchase a house for flipping purposes. Can you simply re-use that same loan when you successfully flip a house for the next house? In order to not hurt your credit score as badly?

I was looking into a fnma or fha. Although there are several conventional loans that I qualify for that my bank would cover the closing costs which could be handy.

I asked this out of more curiosity than anything.

Do you understand that the FHA, and likely the conventional loans, you are talking about are for owner occupant only, and you'd have to reside in the home for at least a year? Also, the only the lender is covering part of the closing costs (not all of it) is if they are charging you a higher interest rate (so they can sell the loan for more), which may or may not be a good deal for you.