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Hi my name is Chris and I am looking to do my first flip to sell.  I am a contractor and know what to look for in a property just having trouble getting money.  Hoping someone could direct me to the right person or company.  

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Hey Chris where in Oh are you located? I have a list of PML's and mau be able to help. All a Hard money or PML will want to see is a property under contract or equitable interest in some way. PM or call me and I can help.

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Jon, I'm in NC. Do you have any Pml connections interested in residential investing with local company doing flips?we have a couple properties under contract and looking for PMLs.

Hello Jon, I am closing on a deal this week and I have a new one I need funding to close, its in upstate New York do you have lenders in the area as well? There is a ton of equity and cashflows. its a good deal and I want to close before someone else does.

Hello all, is anyone aware of PML's for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I actively rehab and buy-and-hold commercial and residential.

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Jackie Botham from what I've gathered private money lenders are people that you may know, like friends, family, local business owners, or anyone you have made a relationship with. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Maybe I need to look more into HML because my family tends to be risk-averse and it seems they would rather make nothing on their $ in savings than take a small risk on RE. Maybe they will come around someday. I met a guy at my local REIA that told me he was a PML. Turns out he is a middle-man between HMLs and borrowers charging exorbitant fees, points and interest in the 'teens! I am a buy and hold investor so NO deal made sense with those terms! Good luck to the OP and everyone else on this thread. :)