Anyone here work with John Botros , HML? Advice for all investors

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OK, so I was contacted from John Botros here on BP claiming to be able to assist me on my deals.... I have a pretty good fraud radar and right now its going off like crazy.

Flag #1 - Cell # with unusual automated VM message. Here in the states, *most* people and reputable companies will use one of the main cell carriers. 

Flag#2 - When I reversed the phone #, I see it is a VOIP company. Not many good reasons a successful lender would be using this.

Flag#3 - During our conversation, his phone kept cutting out every 2 minutes. He claimed he needed to call customer service to fix, but I think this is some sort of limitation with the VOIP service....

Flag#4 - Kept asking me redundant questions that didnt make sense, showing a lack of knowledge in the lending industry.

Flag#5 - Googling his name came back with a plethora of criminal cases/activity involving this name in other countries. Most relate to fraud. Coincidence? Perhaps.....

Flag#6 - Google "John Botros""bigger pockets" you will see a post by @Matt Motil here warning people about this character and his experiences. The post was since deleted by BP, so you will have to click the small dropdown next to the link on google to view the cashed version. 

BP ADMINS - Why was this post deleted? This fraudster is using BP to reach out to investor and defraud them. I don't think that BP should enable this activity....

So I may be CRAZY, or PARANOID, but who here can vouch for this individual or prove otherwise?

ALL Investors, regardless of who you are working with, ALWAYS do your due diligence and ALWAYS suspect foul activity if you are ever asked to pay for something up front combined with other red flags!! 

I got the same impression from 'John Botros'.  He used terminology that was outside the norm and tried to get me to submit a deal to him a few times (having seen my posts on a deal and reaching out to me to try to get me to send it to him).  He could never answer the questions I had for him directly (or with any accuracy showing he knew what he was talking about) and his offer was too good to be true... so I stopped responding to his emails and he went away.

I agree, he should not be on here if he is not legit.  I can't say for sure if he's a scammer and would never say that about someone without knowing for sure... but my spider sense went off and I ran out of there before spending much time on him.  From what I gather... his product is secured by deposits (which they may be planning on taking?), but he repeatedly says the loan product is an 'unsecured loan'.  It literally sounded too good to be true and probably wasn't real.

Good work on doing your research.  Time well spent...

OK, so when I search for his name on this site NOTHING other than his market place ads and THIS ad come up. As previously mentioned, I found one through google cache that has since been deleted.....

Naturally my next question is why is BP deleting those posts? It seems BP would want want to safeguard the community...

I vote for a new category for BPers to post their CAUTIONS and reported SCAMS. The RE is a HUGE industry that I am sure is filled with TONS of scammers, fraudsters, and everything in between. It would be invaluable if investors embarking on a new venture could at least reference the community during their due diligence.

Food for thought! Happy Investing friends! Stay cautious....

Thanks for this. I wasn't going to use him anyway because the emails and website are strangely unprofessional, but good to see my instincts were right.

Thanks for this THREAD! I reached out to him for deal in PR [$15M] - same phone issue and such.  UGH!  I will search for another reputable lender that funds in PR.

Glad, I did some more snooping..... Thanks guys

Yes, I noticed he currently has an ad in the Marketplace right now.  Curious why it's allowed to be on there if there are so many concerns?

Admin / Moderator - any comments?




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John Botros Private Lender from Henderson, Nevada

Jan 12, 03:25 PM

Hi can anyone explain what the fraudulent practices are?  Asking because he has been allowed to post and advertise his business without being "banned" from the powers that be.  Just a question?

Thanks for the anticipated responses.

Steer clear of this guy! He's a scam artist. He cheated me out of $5000 and once he got that, insisted on another $7500 before he'd "fund" my deal. There's no company there. He's a scammer. He put some poor woman's name and her LLC on the front page of his website announcing their recent partnership in December. She had no knowledge of it and is not his partner. She's just another poor sucker who he scammed and caused her to lose her property. He won't tell you one person he's done business with or let you talk to his attorney and he refuses to use escrows. I reported it to BP and sent them documentation proving it. They won't get involved and warned me to be careful what I say on the site. I was stupid enough to fall for it - I feel it's my responsibility to warn as many people as I can.

Likely John B. has a paid membership :sigh:

@Mindy Jensen

Whole thread strongly advocates the need for a SCAM category, member, publicly known or otherwise.  An online link to a known falsehood should be required to post to this topic.

To allow known scammers to retain membership and posting rights is known as COMPLICITY.

PLEASE take action to protect the BP name, public image and the membership as a whole!

After speaking with Theresa and seeing the situation and BP's unwillingness to remove John Botros from the site, I will be deleting my account when my payment term ends. This is absolutely ridiculous, he should be removed. Good luck to all

WOW, to think that the revenue from a subscription is worth the integrity of the BP name?! I can understand that any company would not want take a side, but being provided evidence, AND the overwhelming number of people with the same story!

@Tyler H.   BP market place for lenders Is loaded with these characters. its why they have a big disclosures at the top of it  IE beware lender frauds.

I think the folks that get burned by them need to look within.. and realize that if you can't get money from your local HML that you can go in and sit down with and eyeball. then there is not anyone on the internet that is going to do it for you.

these lenders scams are old as the hills. my Dad showed me these as a very young agent.. back in the late 70's  money for due diligence never fund. 

I think folks need to be realistic about their ability to borrow and or the unicorn rate that you think you can get.. loans are pretty universal . HML are 10 to 20% with an average of 14 to 16% APR..

Bank rates are 5 to 8%... anything lower than that is suspect in my mind..

STAY AWAY FROM JOHN BOTROS and JNB Finance LLC (out of Nevada or Kansas) SCAM SCAM SCAM!

ANY "lender" online saying they will give you money at a great rate but first you need to give them a down payment is a scam. Stay away!

I just now found this thread...I was contacted in the same manner by John Botros and had the same cell phone issues. The message was all chopped up. He asked if I would prefer text and started texting. My loan amount was 'too small' but he said they would make an exception. Didnt quote rates. Wanted ten percent upfront and when I questioned that he said I would 'get it back' when the loan was paid off successfully. I went to the website and printed out the application and mailed it in.

Later he sent me a text letting me know that he didnt get my application. I told him I mailed it in. He was furious! 'Who gave you permission to do that?" He said.

Thinking this was fishy I called a friend who is a retired HML and asked him about the conversations and his advice. RUN! Dont answer any more calls or texts! I did just that.

Funny thing...just a few days ago I got my application back.."NO SUCH ADDRESS"

I main cell carrier would be Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or one of the many that ride on top of their networks like MetroPCS or Boost. I have come across no "business professionals" that are using VOIP for their cellular line. VOIP has many benefits, but primarily is reduced cost in an office environment for long distance.

Any fraudster can go online and get a anonymous VOIP phone number to hide their identity... This is why is raises a "Red flag". If you are a real bank or lender, you would probably at least have an office #, verifiable address, cell #, and online presence.

And for "putting money in the deal", NO! Not in the sense that Botros, and all Fraudsters, expect you to pay up front fees. With the exception of a few items like appraisal, most would agree to NEVER pay ANYTHING up front! Yes, this would be another red flag!

ATTENTION!!!!!! - This person is NOT John Botros (I am).  This person has taken my company name and my personal name and created a fake website and is trying to conduct fraudulent activity. 

I have contacted the FBI as well as the Nevada State Mortgage and licensing Division, as well as ordered a Cease and Desist Letter.