Cash out refinancing help

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I'm looking for some extra cash and I came across cash out refinancing . I currently own a co op in Long Beach NY and my mortgage is for $150k at 4.75% and it was recently appraised for $210k after some renovations . This is where I stand and I wanted to figure out my options . How much cash can I get out of this deal and if possible can I get a mortgage for even more than what it's worth to put more cash in my pocket ? Or is it generally just 80% of the arv , and do different rules apply to a cooperative ? Any suggestions , tips , comments greatly appreciated .

I'm not well versed on the topic of co-ops and how that plays in to your refinancing options but most traditional financial institutions usually lend on anywhere from 60-75% (varies by institution, community banks vs big banks) of the property's value minus the owed amount. Certain criteria financial institutions consider include but not limited to are, credit score, debt to income ratio and income.

Hopefully this helped a bit... Happy Investing!