Foreign investor looking for mortgage broker/lender for protfolio

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Hello everybody.

I am a foreign investor looking to financing a big protfolio for a long period.

All of my propeties value are around 60k-80k and the rent 1000$-1200$.

I am looking to know a mortgage broker that work with foreign investors or lender that can financing my protfolio.

Right now i dont have any mortgage on my protfolio.

I will be happy to hear from you guys if you can helo me od you know sombody that i can work with him.

Thanks a lot.



Jonatan it depends on where you are investing. I work with several foreign investors on portfolio acquisitions/dispositions. If you would like to private message me I can help.

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I have a great Mortgage broker.  The poor guy was on the phone with me 6 times today and answered all my questions like a saint.

His name is Dennis Flamme and he's with Flagstar Bank in Ann Arbor