Please refer a portfolio lender in Massachusetts

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Hi, All

My client has two condos in Boston, both buildings are 100% rented, both have a commercial unit with 20-25% interest. He paid cash, now is having trouble to find portfolio lender to do cash out refi. He is also looking for buy another multifamily soon and seeking a loan at 1.3 mil range.

Thanks for your help! 

Hi @Faye Fu I'm not from Boston but maybe I can help. What do you mean they have a commercial unit with 20-25% interest please clarify? 

What have the banks said when he went to the lenders? Was the denial based on credit or the ltv he is requesting? 

Hi @Faye Fu , I know some great lenders in the Boston area conventional or creative, and would be happy to help you connect with some of them who could possibly help your client. Feel free to reach out to me anytime. 

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