Private Lending and Hard Money in Indianapolis

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I am looking to buy my first investment property in Indianapolis, IN. I have my sights set on C type properties in the $25-$50k range which I would purchase with a combination of my funds and HML, rehab, and then refinance. These seem to be good figures for generating cash flows with high COC returns.

I am looking for anyone with suggestions or experiences with financing providers in the area. I made a few phone calls to national HML lenders and the lack of local insight from the financing providers concerned me.

I have a good chunk of funds I am going to put into the deal but I am looking to finance the rehab and part of the purchase, and I have decided against using credit cards (don't want the hit on my credit score).

I'm hoping to hit a few keyword alerts of local Indy investors and would appreciate any thoughts.

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Hey @Kenneth Cowan

I am a local Indy investor but also lend my money on good projects I believe in in the city. If you'd like to speak about a specific deal or financing for acquisition/rehab, I would be happy to connect.

Best of luck!