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Hello everyone,

I am posting to see if anyone has any connections, or knowledge in regards to portfolio lenders who will do deals in Philadelphia, PA.  I am aware of some banks not wishing to do business in Philly so I wanted to ask everyone here.  Thank you.

Closed many of my B&H properties in PA through a solid portfolio lender.  They just don't like anything rural.

I would be interested as well ii learning more about portfolio lenders for buy and hold investing. Thanks!

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@Robert Grant , May I ask which portfolio lender do you use? I'm looking at properties in Philadelphia right now where I want to do financing directly under a LLC for residential properties. As expected, most banks are telling me either a flat out no or they will only lend to a LLC for a commercial property. Thanks!

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hey Albert, shoot me an email to my work email at the bottom of my signature and I'll forward you information

@Min Chhour @Albert Zheng

An asset-based lender which specializes in the real estate investment property space will finance residential properties in an LLC. Happy to discuss, inbox me.

There are many portfolio lenders, the factors of what your properties values are to how many properties you will hold. PM me and I will refer you to my sources.

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