135k Triplex / 1900 month in rent

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I got an offer accepted on a triplex yesterday that was accepted. 

Sales Price - $117k
Rehab 18k
Two of the 3 units are rented
One unit is vacant and needs all the usual.  Paint, floors, fixtures, appliances etc.
These are all 3 separate small houses. 
Already approved to build one more house or mobile home.
15 minutes from a university.  We have s shortage of rentals in the area.

Onto my question.  
I have always paid for my deals out of my own credit lines but they are tied up in a few deals that have not closed yet.  I would like to get investor financing on this for a year so I can get some seasoning on it and then refi into a conventional loan.

I have the money for the rehab so I'm going to need 117k to pay for the property.

What rate should I expect to pay an investor for a 12 to 18 month loan?  

I have someone that is considering the deal bit no rate has been discussed.

The cash flow is strong so I can afford to pay a higher rate for now but what might that be?

Assume all my finances and credit are strong.

I'm sure this will not be the last time this happens.

Thanks in advance!

Well, everyone is going to have their own number, but if I were loaning you the money on this deal, assuming the ARV is strong and verifiable with real comps, I probably wouldn't do it for less than $15k profit on my end, especially since you have no skin in this deal. On 18 months that would translate to somewhere around 10%. But who can say - I might be ridiculously expensive. All I can say is that on speculative ventures I expect to be compensated at a reasonable rate in comparison to the risk involved.

Now, if I knew you and we had done a lot of successful deals together, I would probably do it for much less. Since you think this will not be the last time you're walking this road, you probably need to start cultivating some relationships with private investors to partner with or some HML'ers.

JD, Thanks for the reply.  I was able to secure funding from one investor for the entire purchase price.  Terms are 6.5%, 18 Months, no-prepayment penalty.

I reached out to some past colleges and two responded almost immediately.  It seems that there is some money leaving the stock market right now and these types of deals seem to make sense for people.  

It would be nice to start using this kind of money for my flips instead of my credit lines.

good morning quick question where can I find these hard money lenders????

@Shawn Scheinoha

@JD Martin

thank you in advance for an y feedback provided.

Wow! 100% financing at just 6.5%? You'd better treat them nice...

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